Our Centre

Thematic Play Corner

  • Our themes at the thematic play corner are changed regularly to fit seasonal events and activities.
  • Designed for children to practise role-playing and dialogue-making to enhance communication and social skills.

Motor Station

  • Who doesn’t love to play slide? Keeping children’s interests in mind, we made space for a full-sized slide at our centre!
  • Our motor station is designed to allow children to exercise their muscles to develop their motor strength and coordination.

Group Area

  • Our open space is dedicated to allow for circle time, social games and team activities.
  • It is designed to recreate a school environment to promote generalisation of skills.

Flexible Seating

  • Our flexible seating arrangement helps promote children’s flexibility with various classroom setup.
  • This arrangement also facilitates children in generalisation of skills across setting.

Board Game Zone

  • Our Board Game Zone hosts a variety of board games suitable for children age ranges from 3 to 12 years old.
  • The exposure to wide range of games could expand children’s play interests and provide opportunities to develop their communication and social skills.

Digital Hub

  • Our Digital Hub provides a range of digital entertainment for our children as reinforcers.
  • We conduct interactive digital classroom activities through use of SMART board.
  • We also incorporate use of VR technology into social programs to simulate social scenarios to facilitate children’s learning.

Reading Corner

  • Our Reading Corner is designed to provide a fun and comfortable space for children to indulge in their reading.
  • Hosts a range of picture and story books to suit different children’s interests.