Engaging 2-Hour Sessions Led by Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, Simulating a Kindergarten Classroom Experience
Comprehensive overview of the diverse summer camp activities, including skills-building in areas like group games, motor exercises, arts & crafts, and more
Highlights the four key focus areas of the summer camp: group instruction, independence, social skills, and group activities
Tailored 1-on-1 training time alongside group activities, allowing each child to develop skills and address unique challenges in a fun, supportive environment
Text bubble with two special offers: 1) Get an extra 10% off when enrolling 2 or more cycles. 2) Get an extra 10% off when bringing a friend

Camping Theme

Charming handmade firefly crafts and a cozy camping lantern, showcasing the creativity and fun of the summer camp activities led by BCBA

Sports Theme

Joyful child practicing hula hooping skills, capturing the athletic spirit and active fun of the Olympic-inspired summer camp

Ocean Theme

Delighted child exploring a playful tunnel, immersed in the imaginative marine adventures of the ocean-themed summer camp

Party Theme

Cheerful child hosting a lively dolls' tea party, reflecting the festive atmosphere and imaginative celebrations of the party-themed summer camp