About Us

By each and every step that we take, we make an impact on others' lives.

Ripple strives to help needed families in guiding their children to learn in their best-suited ways through the delivery of quality Applied Behaviour Analysis Service.

Little by little, the significance of our service rests not within our time spent with our children, but extends to the interactions with their families and community.

Our Approach


Applied Behaviour Analysis

Our programs are developed based on the principles of ABA.


We follow and promote curricula and principles that are scientifically-driven and supported by data.



We put our children’s interest our top priority. To facilitate our children to reach their best potential, it is of utmost importance to view things from their perspectives.

This way we could better capture their interest, boost their engagement, fuel their motivation and deliver reinforcement they value throughout their learning journey with us.


We value the input of every stakeholders surrounding the child as we believe collaborative efforts from different parties contribute in making meaningful and long-lasting behavioural changes.


Support Families

We aim not only to change the life of the children, but also the ones surrounding them. We are here to discuss your child’s challenges and provide suggestions to ease your concerns along the way.

More than just a learning centre